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Nabertherms sintering furnaces

Nabertherm is a global manufacturer of a wide range of sintering furnaces. Sintering furnaces can be modified to suit your needs - creating the ideal furnace for any use. Sintering furnaces can reach a maximum temperature of 3000 °C. We supply sintering furnaces as top-hat furnaces, chamber kilns or shuttle kilns with adjustable table systems. Easy operation, optional PC control and documentation mean that our furnaces are extremely user-friendly.

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Nabertherm products cater for a wide range of applications:

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Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard kilns/furnaces and plants for many different areas of application. The modular design of our products means it is possible to find a solution in many areas to your particular problem without the necessity of costly conversion and modification. And, if none of our standard kilns or furnaces meets your requirements, then we will gladly develop a kiln, furnace or complete plant specially tailor-made to your needs.

Nabertherms sintering furnaces
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