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Fusing means the melting of glass of different colors and shapes in a special fusing furnace at approx. 800 °C. During fusing, the glass is softened to such an extent that individual parts join together permanently. Nabertherm offers special series of fusing furnaces and always uses the latest technology for series and special solutions for this application.

The Convincing Fusing-Furnaces-Series "GFM" and "GF" from Nabertherm

Basically, there are two series of furnaces that can be individually adapted depending on the fusing process. In order to meet the special requirements in production, the fusing furnaces of the "GFM" series have been developed. The GFM model series combines the convincing quality advantages of the GF series with the option of charging the table outside the fusing furnace. The table runs on swivel castors and can thus be moved freely.
These fusing furnaces are available from 1.40 m² to 2.76 m². A table on wheels, which can be moved freely, is supplied as standard. This system can be extended as required and can be individually adapted to the fusing process. Particularly suitable is the shuttle table system, where one table can be loaded while the other is in the fusing furnace. Instead of flat tables, different tables with different heights can also be used in the fusing furnace if the furnace is to be used for taller components, for example.

Compared to the GFM furnaces, the fusing furnaces of the "GF" series have a fixed table. These fusing furnaces are particularly suitable for the professional glass artist. The fusing furnaces of the GF 75 - GF 1425 series are designed for professional use. The heating elements in the fusing furnace are arranged close to each other, protected in quartz glass tubes, and ensure a very high temperature uniformity when fusing or also bending on the complete table surface. All models of the fusing furnace "GF" are designed with an attractive, double-walled housing made of stainless steel. The flat table surface made of robust and durable lightweight refractory bricks and the bonnet opening with gas dampers for support facilitate charging of the fusing furnace. The optimized electrical connection power of the fusing furnace ensures rapid heating of the glass.

Both series of fusing furnaces have specially arranged ceiling heating elements that promise direct and even melting of the glass during fusing. The fusing furnaces are easy to open and close thanks to large handles and supported by gas pressure dampers. The final temperature of these fusing furnaces is 950 °C, so that the various techniques can be fully exploited during fusing.

For both fusing furnace series, Nabertherm offers additional equipment. Among other features, there is the option of a motorized lid opening for accelerated cooling after fusing. It is also possible to install a floor heating system in the fusing furnace for uniform heating of large objects. Another interesting extra is the air supply flap with inspection glass for observing the fusing process.

Other applications of the fusing furnaces include so-called slumping, in which the flat glass is lowered into a form, and combing, in which the user "combs" a pattern into the fused glass with a metal hook.

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